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The new 718 GT4 RS has been receiving excellent reviews from magazines and customers alike. Porsche have worked hard to improve sound over that of the 718 GT4 and the introduction of the new carbon airbox inside the cabin certainly wakes up the interior sound however the exhaust sound really leaves a lot to be desired.

From the factory the 718 GT4 RS is installed with an adapted version of the 718 GT4 rear silencer. This silencer features an extremely small pipe diameter which acts as a significant restriction to the 9000rpm GT3 derived engine which now features in this model.

Our rear silencer replacement not only removes this significant restriction within the exhaust system but also drops weight and delivers a true GT3 howl.

Direct Replacement / Modular Fitment

The JCR Titanium Race Pipe is a full direct replacement product for the OEM 718 GT4 RS rear silencer assembly. No fabrication required, simply remove the factory rear silencer and replace with the JCR Race Pipe utilising the factory mounting points.

Our system includes Titanium Megaphone Tips as standard with other options available. The tips are fixed onto the system by means of motorsport v-band clamps.Not only does this ensure perfect alignment every time it also allows quick changes at the track due to our optional Titanium Silenced Tips which reduce sound levels by a further 5-6dB ensuring that all owners who plan to use their cars on track will have no concerns about excessive noise levels on strict track events.

Light Weight

Due to the construction and material choice we were able to achieve all of our performance goals plus reduce the weight of the OEM system by well over 50% - This truly is a win-win modification.

Performance Increase

Every component of the JCR Titanium Exhaust line is guaranteed to improve HP & TQ with to a varying degree dependant on the specific combination of parts. For our direct replacement rear silencer the peak gains we're a not insignificant 11hp & 5tq with gains across the full range of RPM.

Non Valved, Modular Design

Our Non Valved Race Pipe designs deletes the factory valve function so that the sound is completely derestricted across the full range of RPM.

We have designed the JCR Titanium Race Pipe to allow modular and quick fitment of either Silenced or Non Silenced sections of the exhaust. This modularity allows for the system to be quietened down when required or opened up in the event of a non silenced track event.

JCR Tips

During the development phase of our 718 GT4 RS exhaust system it was apparent that retaining the factory Titanium Weissach tips wouldn't be possible whilst setting our goal to extract maximum gains in power from replacement of the factory rear silencer due to their super restrictive internal diameter.

This led us to develop our own Titanium Tips which take inspiration from the factory fitted tips on all 718 GT4 RS with Weissach package installed.

We also offer a more conventional Titanium Megaphone design option and both the Titanium Megaphone and Titanium Weissach tips are available with or without black coatings as an option.

GT3 Style Sound

The sound signature of the JCR Titanium Race Pipe has been engineered to match as closely as possible to our existing, very popular GT3 product line. Gone is the flat and dull exhaust note, replaced with a beautiful flat 6 tone accompanied by a more substantial volume upon request. Utilising the exact same merge design as per our existing Race Pipe products we have allowed the GT3 derived 4.0 engine to howl as you would expect at 9000rpm! 

Key Features

  • 100% Titanium Construction
  • Includes Silenced & Non Silenced Sections
  • Direct Replacement / Quick Installation
  • Emissions Unaffected - No Chance of Engine Lights
  • Modular Titanium Megaphone Exhaust Tips
  • +11hp & +5tq Increase Versus OEM
  • -12.90kg (Non Silenced) -10.90kg (Silenced) Weight Saving vs OEM


  • 718 GT4 RS
  • 718 SPYDER RS


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Lead Times

  • All JCR products are produced in batches. We aim to carry stock of all products however in the event that parts are not displayed as IN STOCK then please allow approximately 30-60 days from the point of order before your parts ship.
  • For lead time estimates prior to ordering please contact us via the contact page.




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