The JCR Inconel Tip Adapters allow direct replacement of the factory exhaust tips on the OEM rear silencer to allow fitment of any of our 718 GT4 / Spyder tip options allowing owners to visually upgrade the appearance of the stock rear silencer and / or lower the overall volume with thanks to installing our Titanium Silenced Tips

The Design

This adapter replaces the factory tips and creates a solid fixing point to which our vband tip options can be easily and quickly changed

This serves as an aesthetic and aural upgrade from the factory tips in the case of our Titanium Megaphone Tips and Inconel Rolled Tips thanks to improved looks and megaphone design and as a very effective way of reducing decibel levels when installing our titanium silenced tips which is particularly useful for those owners who are running the factory rear silencer along with OPF deletes and / or Race Manifolds


  • Designed for use with the OEM 718 GT4 / Spyder / GTS 4.0 / Boxster 25 rear silencer
  • Please select one of our tip options to add to the tip adapters to complete the solution


  • £295.00 GBP
  • All prices are listed without UK VAT included (20%) All UK based customers orders will be subject to UK VAT

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