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After the success of our 991 GT3 based exhaust products we have turned our attention to the mighty GT2 RS. The Forced induction engine requires a slightly different approach when tackling the exhaust development due to much higher EGT's however through use of high quality motorsport materials we have developed a range of direct replacement exhaust components which not only accentuate the factory exhaust sound but reduce weight and importantly add power, torque and engine response.

Light Weight

Through the use of light weight materials and clever design we have managed to reduce the overall weight of the factory GT2 RS exhaust components. Removing weight full stop carries great benefits in any performance vehicle however the gains are exaggerated on this platform, reducing the rear biased weight distribution helps to improve overall balance and handling.

Direct Replacement

All of the JCR 991 GT2 RS exhaust components are direct replacement for their OEM equivilents with guarenteed fit every time. No requirement for any further work during install beyond removing the OEM part and replacing with its JCR equivilent and any supplied hardware.

Zero Silencers

The purpose of the JCR Titanium Race Centre for the 991 GT2 RS is to reduce weight by the maximum amount possible whilst increasing flow and improving overall sound. Our race version of the centre section provides a large increase in overall sound compared to the factory centre section and includes a tuned merge for improveded exhaust scavenging effect and a smoother and more pleasant tone.

Power Increase

Every component of the JCR Titanium Exhaust line is guarenteed to improve HP & TQ with varying results dependant on the combination of parts. Our most extreme free flowing system will see gains in the mid 40HP range on this platform along with great improvements in engine response and mid range torque.

Key Features

  • 100% Titanium Construction
  • No Silencing
  • 1.78kg (3.92lbs) Weight Reduction vs OEM
  • Improved Sound Quality
  • HP & TQ Increase


  • 991.2 GT2 RS


  • £2195.00 GBP
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Lead Times

  • JCR products are produced in batches, we aim to carry stock of all products however in the event that parts aren't in stock please allow approximately 30-60 business days after the point of ordering before your parts ship. For lead time estimates prior to ordering please contact us via the contact page

    Sale price£2,195.00 GBP
    TITANIUM CENTRE (NON SILENCED) Sale price£2,195.00 GBP