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The 918 Spyder is one of the all time greats to come out of the Porsche factory but there's still room for improvement in a few areas.

We recently turned our attention to this incredible machine and through the use of Inconel 625 and high end motorsport heat shielding technology have been able to extract a little more power plus an all new incredible tone from the exhaust which brings a whole new character to this car, especially with the roof removed.

Direct Replacement / Modular Fitment

The JCR Inconel Valved Race Pipe is a full direct replacement product for the OEM 918 Spyder rear silencer. No fabrication required and no additional parts. Simply remove the factory rear silencer and replace with the JCR Inconel Valved Race Pipe and enjoy weight savings, power gains and an incredible sound.

Heat Management

Our 918 Spyder Inconel Valved Race Pipe features the highest quality thermal protection as standard. The heat shielding we have selected is used in the very highest levels of Motorsport to control temperatures whilst protecting and dramatically reducing the effects of radiant heat into the surrounding areas.

Exotic Sound

The sound signature of the JCR Inconel Valved Race Pipe has been engineered to deliver a sound quality fitting of this masterpiece. Gone is the flat and dull exhaust note, replaced with a beautiful V8 howl and accompanied by a more substantial volume upon request. Utilising our calculated merge design we have brought the 4.6L V8 installed in 918 Spyder to life with an exotic high quality tone. Now the sound truly matches the performance of this stunning hypercar.

This system retains factory valve control, ensuring quiet cruising with valves closed with the ability to increase volume significantly with valves open.

Light Weight

Due to the construction and material choice we were able to achieve all of our performance goals plus reduce the weight of the OEM system by over 50% - This truly is a win-win modification saving over 7.81kg of mass from high up in the centre of the car.

Performance Increase

Every component of the JCR Exhaust line is guaranteed to improve HP & TQ with to a varying degree dependant on the specific combination of parts.

Key Features

  • 100% Inconel 625 Construction
  • OEM Valve Control
  • Fully Inconel Heatshielded Parts
  • 7.81kg Weight Reduction vs OEM Rear Silencer
  • Improved Sound Quality


    • 918 SPYDER


    • 100% Direct Replacement
    • Compatible with OEM cat sections


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      Sale price£8,495.00 GBP
      918 SPYDER INCONEL VALVED RACE PIPE Sale price£8,495.00 GBP