Last week saw Caffeine and Machine celebrate their third birthday, crazy how the time has flown by! We have been big supporters since before C&M opened their doors and its amazing to see them doing so well!

We are very lucky to be located close to such a great place which brings together amazing cars, great coffee and delicious food. It was nice to be able to head down to C&M on the Wednesday to cheers with them to an amazing first 3 years.

Each night throughout their birthday week they had different themed events and on the Wednesday they were joined by an array of insane cars from Tuthills for an air-cooled society night. There were some beautifully prepared cars in attendance, exactly as you would expect from the Tuthills team.

Tuthills, C&M and a birthday brownie.. what more do you want?!

We brought along the JCR Speedster, which created a stir as always..

Happy Birthday Caffeine & Machine.


Caffeine & Machine - https://caffeineandmachine.com

Tuthill - https://www.tuthillporsche.com

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