If you've been following JCR for a while you'll already know we like to switch things up and add our own personal twist to our cars. That's exactly what we're in the process of doing with the JCR GT2RS MR.

Now that the majority of the internal, mechanical changes have been completed we are finally moving on to some of the aesthetic upgrades.

We have dropped the car off with our good friends at Logic who will be making two quite significant changes for us. It's taken me a while to decide which route we wanted to go down with the overall look of the car and more specifically exactly what colour would do the job. After much deliberation I've finally settled on what we all think will deliver a fantastic result and we can't wait to see the final result!

Logic are a vehicle preparation centre that specialise in peelable paint, peelable PPF and bodywork customisation. We worked with Logic when we transformed the JCR Speedster with the amazing Smyrna Green peelable paint last year and we're very excited to be working with them once again on our JCR GT2RS MR project.

I headed down to Logic to drop off the car and go over my vision for the final time whilst the team took notes. The team at Logic are always so welcoming and creative with their input and ideas. It was great to discuss the process and project in more detail with Cameron, the owner of Logic as we document the whole process along with the big reveal in only a few weeks time.

In the meantime comment below your guesses as to what changes we are making including what colour you think I've chosen.


Find out more about Logic here

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