It's rare that we offer products on our site which aren't exclusively produced by ourselves here at JCR, however when its a product which is delivers on the same super high level and we have extensively ran ourselves then we have the confidence to do just that.

We're very happy to say that you can now purchase the amazing Hytorc Centre Lock Wheel Gun directly from the JCR website.

Centre Locks have a bit of a reputation for causing a pain to owners when it comes to changing wheels, especially those who are changing wheels often due to tracking their cars.

Heavy, large tools are required plus there's no way to complete a wheel change without having a friend help or locking the brake pedal which means wedging tools into the interior of the car.

The Hytorc Wheel Gun is the ultimate when it comes to precision wheel change tools.

Take a look for yourself -

Due to the included Reaction Arm this wheel gun does away with the requirement to lock the brake pedal when loosening and torquing down the centre lock wheel nuts. You can now change your centre lock wheels with no additional help and no tools in the interior of the car.

We have used the Hytorc Wheel Gun for the past year and it's made a huge difference to our track events, the amount of tools we need to bring along and the level of effort required when it comes to changing wheels.

The whole set of four wheel change process now takes roughly 10 minutes and can be easily completed with one person whilst leaving no doubt surrounding torque values being accurate and safe.

Key Features

  • Pre-Programmed For Porsche Centre Lock Equipped Vehicles
  • Includes All Parts Required For Quick And Easy Single Person Wheel Changes
  • No Need For Bulky Tools
  • Precise Torque Applied Every Time
  • Utilises The Factory Centre Lock Tool


    • All centre lock equipped Porsche models

    It's been a game changer for JCR and a lot of our friends especially at track days when we need to change our wheels over but also at home when needing to get the right road wheels on with ease.

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