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The goal with all JCR Aero products is to not only improve efficiency and performance but ultimately to add a level of confidence to the driver when pushing the car on track whilst subtly improving the overall aesthetic.

This product is more about optimisation than a ground up re-design of the factory Aero concept. Improving upon the factory parts in an incremental way delivers an overall improvement, increased driver confidence and greater overall level of performance.

The Design

At the start of the project, we set out the main design criteria and goals for the JCR 3D Printed Titanium Wing Uprights to deliver, as follows:

  • Ultimate Solution Utilising Cutting Edge Technology
  • Improved Aero Performance & Increased Aero Efficiency
  • Stiffer & Stronger vs OEM Wing Uprights
  • Weight Reduction vs OEM Wing Uprights
  • OEM+ Design Language

There are a several small details which feature on the JCR 3D Printed Titanium Wing Uprights which, although small in isolation, all add up for an impressive overall result. This level of attention to detail is something which we carry across our whole product range.

We explore each of the design objectives in more detail below.

Optimised Aero

The 718 GT4 RS features a much larger rear wing element than that of the 981 GT4 or 718 GT4. Not only does the wing produce more downforce but it's also top mounted for greater efficiency.

The JCR Wing Uprights are a 100% direct fit and allow seamless installation of a 718 GT4 RS Rear Wing into a more optimised position (up and back) versus the factory position featured on the 718 GT4 RS.

The revised wing position our uprights offer improves efficiency by increasing the effectiveness of the factory rear wing (repositioning up and back) resulting in a good aero balance with overall lower AOA (angle of attack) resulting in less drag.

We also took the opportunity to alter the base angle of attack that the wing sits in which allows for a more aggressive range of adjustment. This in turn opens up the opportunity to add more downforce to the front end with use of our soon to be released front Aero options.

High-Tech 3D Printed Titanium Construction

For those who are looking for the ultimate in high-tech / cutting edge construction methods, look no further than Titanium 3D Printing. This construction method allows for us to create a unique hollow design, reducing mass by 27% versus the factory wing uprights.

The JCR Wing Uprights are not only stiffer and stronger than the factory parts but also reduce weight. Truly a win-win modification.

Our Wing Uprights are also supplied with Billet Titanium Fixings, available in either raw or black finish. Not only super light weight but also extremely strong and corrosion resistant.

Direct Replacement

The JCR Wing Uprights are a 100% direct replacement part using the OEM mounting points suitable for the 981 & 718 GT4

We feel it's important to target an OEM+ appearance with all our exterior modifications, seamlessly integrating into the factory design language whilst improving performance is what JCR is all about.

Key Features

  • 100% 3D Printed Titanium Hollow Construction
  • 100% Direct Replacement (With Addition of OEM 718 GT4 RS Rear Wing)
  • Improved Rear Stability
  • Larger Range of Adjustment
  • Choice of Raw or Black Finish
  • Titanium Fixings (Silver or Black)

Product Notes

  • This product is ONLY compatible with the OEM 718 GT4 RS Rear Wing
  • OEM 718 GT4 RS Rear Wing Available HERE


  • 981 GT4
  • 718 GT4


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