Our fourth instalment of project JCR 718 GT4 v2.0 focusses on the bodywork and aero improvements of the car.

We began this journey by installing some key OEM 718 GT4 RS body parts on to our GT4, not only because they look fantastic but they will also allow us to accurately scan and get the ball rolling in a number of areas when it comes to developing some of our very own aero components for this fantastic platform.

We have also already fully scanned the key areas of interest on the factory 718 GT4 RS some time ago so that we can cross compare and understand any differences which are not so obvious without accurate data. There are quite a few!

We're using some of the very latest tech when it comes to scanning and the level of accuracy is nothing short of astounding. Only the best will do. We'll be sharing some more in depth video and information regarding the scanning in the near future.

We will use our 718 GT4 to develop a large range of functional aero for the 718 platform, all designed, developed and manufactured in the UK. A large proportion of the aero parts and packages which we develop will be cross compatible among the 718 GT4 / Spyder / GT4 RS models plus some items for the 981 GT4 too.

We also purchased all of the GT4 RS factory underbody aero and will be evaluating its effectiveness back-to-back on the track. For now, it's installed on the car (with a few small tweaks) and we're looking forward to understanding how these parts affect the balance of the car.

We also opted to install the small rear bumper sections from the 4RS, whilst they're extremely unlikely to affect the handing in any way we felt it was important to not miss any component and risk skewing results.

Some parts which certainly only offer aesthetic improvement would be the factory GT4 RS Carbon Fibre Side Blades and Mirror Covers, they are however, a little lighter than the factory parts. Every little helps!

We've had a very productive week and the car is really starting to take shape ahead of it's first outing on track at Donington Park on 18th March.

There's only a few more updates now before the full reveal which we can't wait to share with you! The track is calling our name.

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