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Artikel: JCR GT4 RS v2.1

JCR GT4 RS v2.1

JCR GT4 RS v2.1

We've had the GT4 RS for a little while now and we haven't made any changes to it since the first big change when the team at Wrap IT Vehicle Graphics transformed the look of the car thanks to Inozetek Narwhal Blue and a host of other small details. Read about the first transformation HERE.

With the 2024 Track Day season fast approaching, we thought we were due another makeover. A more aggressive, track-focused aesthetic to the car was needed! Introducing the JCR 718 GT4 RS v2.1 

Swapping out the white accents on the car for satin black has worked a treat in giving the car a more purposeful and aggressive look. We absolutely love the Inozetek Narwhal Blue base that’s already installed on the car so that was definitely staying.

Starting at the front of the car, we have removed the wrap from the bonnet to expose the OEM Carbon Fibre, this has then been applied with a Satin PPF. At the front we have retained our GT4RS Clubsport carbon splitter extensions and canards, also finished in satin carbon fibre. More to come in this area soon.

Moving round to the side of the car, we get to see some more of the subtle changes made during this makeover. All exposed carbon fibre parts are now finished with a satin PPF, this includes, Lower side intakes, Wing mirrors and upper air intakes, one of the defining features of the 718 GT4 RS.

We removed the white wheels and side decals and replaced them with a smaller satin black decal and satin black OEM Aluminium wheels, for now, whilst our OEM Magnesium wheels are refinished in Satin Black.

Towards the rear we have made another host of changes. Wrapping the OEM carbon fibre rear wing in satin PPF was just the start. The JCR Carbon Fibre Wing End Plates have been finished in satin and the outside profile wrapped perfectly in the Narwhal Blue body colour that we all know and love.

The JCR 3D Printed Titanium Wing Uprights finished in black give a nice stealthy look too.

This wasn’t the only addition of Narwhal Blue to the car either, the guys over at Wrap IT have managed to perfectly replicate the rear window graphic found on the GT4 RS and positioned it perfectly on the rear windscreen. Certainly a great compliment and another small yet effective change.

One of our favourite changes, however the most discrete, are the changes we’ve made to the airbox cover and intakes. Now, like the rest of the car, the Carbon Fibre intakes and air box cover have been wrapped in Satin PPF, with a Narwhal blue highlight strip on the centre profile along with a satin black GT4 RS logo. We love the small details in the build.

It’s safe to say that we’re over the moon with the way that the car has come out and we couldn’t be more excited to kick off the 2024 Track Day season with the revised look.

An enormous thank you goes to the guys at Wrap It Vehicle Graphics. Their attention to detail is incredible and the level of finish that these guys manage to achieve with wrap and PPF material blows us away every single time. We really couldn’t make our crazy ideas a reality without them.

To celebrate the enhancements we took the car to Caffeine and Machine for their monthly Stassenkultur event to show off the new look.

For now, it’s back to testing and the lead up to our first Track Day at Snetterton 300 on the 16th February where we will be completing final sign off on our new Titanium Link Pipes suitable for 718 GT4 RS and Spyder RS models.

See you out there soon!


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